Why It Pays To Have A Realtor Sell Your Home

Real Estate Agent with Happy CoupleWhy It Pays To Have A Realtor Sell Your Home

With millions of Americans buying and selling their homes this year, many people wonder if it is cost effective to use a Realtor to sell or purchase a home. While there are some advantages to selling your home on your own, most people report that using a Realtor is well worth the expense.

Why Sell Your Own Home?

When most people ask whether Realtors are worth the expense, they have costs and profits in mind. Most real estate agents charge a commission of about 6 percent of the home’s purchase price when they sell. This can mean paying a commission of $6,000 if you have a $100,000 home. For most people, this number sounds like a steep price to pay. These people often think it is more cost effective to sell their own home.

The Realtor Difference

While you can certainly put a sign in your yard advertising your home for sale, there are some major differences between selling your own home and hiring a Realtor. Studies have shown that homes sold by Realtors sell much quicker than those sold by owners. Realtors often fetch a higher asking price for their clients and have greater footing in negotiations. There are many reasons that it makes sense to use a Realtor to sell your home.

Your Realtor Has Years of Experience

If your real estate agent is a member of the National Association of Realtors, he has to pass strict standards for maintaining his standards in the organization. He also has to pass certain certifications and attend continuing education courses in the industry. Also, Realtors are licensed by the state. you can search here to determine if your Realtor is properly licensed.

Your Realtor sells hundreds of homes a year. He’s completed multiple courses on professional selling and can interact with buyers and their agents in a manner that translates to higher profits. He is well aware of common buyer behavior and can easily spot buyers who are simply browsing. All of this adds up to less time chasing dead ends and more time courting serious buyers.

Tap into Your Realtor’s Connections

In addition to his extensive experience in selling homes, your Realtor has access to the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. Click the following link for the official Lehigh Valley MLS. This is a database of all homes for sale in your market. He can quickly list your home, making it available to buyer’s agents who are searching for a home like yours. Your Realtor will also be responsible for photographing your home and creating descriptions for the broker’s website. He may have connections to home stagers who can arrange your home to make it more appealing to buyers.

There are companies that offer photography services to real estate agents. These companies send photographers to take great shots of your home that will attract the maximum amount of interested buyers. Realtors have access to these companies and can create an all-around listing for your home that gets results. While you can do this yourself, the time you spend locating these companies or doing the photos yourself is time that takes away from your selling activities.

If you choose to sell your own home, you will have to take on all of these tasks yourself. Realtors have connections with mortgage brokers, banks, lawyers, home inspectors and moving companies. These connections will help tremendously when it comes to trying to sell your home. Building up this network of connections often takes years. One bad connection can cost you thousands of dollars. Realtors know good connections from bad ones and can save you money in the long run.

real estate agent on phoneTime

Realtors sell homes all day long. Selling a home is a full-time job. Most people who choose to list their own homes for sale find that it is a time-consuming task and often have to schedule selling activities in their free time after work and on weekends. Realtors will field calls from potential buyers and set up appointments to show your home.

Remember that a large number of the calls that you will get about your home will be “tire kickers.” There are some people who make it a hobby to go and look at homes for sale. They have no intention of buying, and simply waste your time. There are also those who will make appointments to view your home then not show up, leaving you sitting there waiting. Your Realtor has tactics to deal with these issues and can save you time when it comes to selling your home.

Your Realtor is Experienced in Dealing With Other Professionals

One of the lesser-known facts about the “for sale by owner” market is that you will attract fewer buyer’s agents. Typically the commission on the sale of a home is shared between both the buyer’s and seller’s agents. This is because both have a certain amount of work to do to finalize the process.

Many buyer’s agents won’t show their clients homes that are sold by owners because these transactions often mean more work for the more experienced buyer’s agent. If you have no expertise in a matter, they may have to take on the task themselves to move the sale along. If there are problems with the transaction, your Realtor knows where to get help from local agencies and can get these things done quickly.

Finding a Good Real Estate Agent in Bethlehem

Hiring an effective Realtor in your area is the first step in getting the best price for your home. There are many Bethlehem Realtors that can help you to get the highest price for your property for sale. Real Estate agents in Bethlehem PA can connect you with serious buyers who are ready to buy your home. Don’t let your home sit unsold for months. By finding the right Realtor to sell your property, you can avoid the hassle and get the best price for your home.

There are many real estate agents in Bethlehem PA that can help with your selling needs. Ask for referral and turn to trusted websites for access to MLS listings, virtual tours, open houses and other seller tools. Find your perfect Bethlehem Realtors today.

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